Video Games
Skies Adrift
29th nov 2013

Student project – work in progress
An exploration and adventure game in a sea cloud

Role: Game designer – Original Idea

Date: 2013-2014

Collaborators: Benjamin Tessier,  Théophile Noiré, Alexis Anento,Vincent Aubry, Alexandre Sauderais, Roman Cabezos, Marc Gilleron, Raphaël Chappuis, Elizabeth Maler

In Skies Adrift, the player is Waban, a fisherman living in a world covered with clouds and scattered floatings islands. Waban uses an old flying ship to practice his craft. Passed on from father to son, no one remembers how this boat ends up in the family. His people are used to live in tough condition, always trying to survive.
During a fishing trip, he finds a small amount of a rare energy, the Blue Wind, that awakes the latent potential of the ship. Waban understand the link between his ship and the Ancients’ civilisation.
According to the legend, the ancients were from a peaceful and flourishing land, a promised land. When they disappeared, the ancients left a sky door behind them, a way to find the promised land. Hoping the potential of his boat will lead him to the Skygate, Waban leaves his village and goes discover the mysteries of his world.